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Your Gateway to Sri Lanka’s Beauty. We’re dedicated to making island exploration effortless, enhancing your tropical paradise experience. Our luxury villas in Sri Lanka are filled with high-end amenities and facilities, while our hospitable staff ensures your stay is a truly wonderful one. Check what we have to offer and stay in touch for exciting upcoming projects that will further enrich your journey.

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KOI Carp

World of ornamental fish

Welcome to our KOI Project in the picturesque landscape of Mathugama, Sri Lanka. Situated on 14 acres of pristine land, our vision extends to becoming pioneers in KOI breeding, ensuring a legacy of beauty and excellence in the world of ornamental fish.

Your Island Adventure

We understand that a true island experience extends beyond the confines of the hotel. Our carefully curated tours offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Sri Lanka’s lifestyle.

Somnasa Villa,
Samarasiri, Penetiyana,
Sri Lanka

JH Estate,
Bathalawatta, Paluthugaha,
Thalpe, Habaraduwa,
Sri Lanka.

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